Building a successful business is a lifetime endeavor. In terms of strategy, there is always a direction which is optimal for you and your organization. The challenge lies in discovering that direction and drawing the roadmap which leads to your business realizing its full potential. The team at Mac and Company has the knowledge and experience to help you do exactly that. We offer a full range of business development services specifically designed to focus and enhance the unique advantages of your organization with one destination in mind—success.

Business Sale and Acquisition

We will work with you to develop business sale/acquisition parameters that facilitate future growth and directly address your strategic needs going forward. We are able encourage attractive buyers and sellers by eliminating common obstacles such as unrealistic valuations, concerns with suppliers and integration issues. As always, we will continue to support our clients with ongoing financial services.

Financial Services

The innovative financial professionals at Mac and Company stand ready to help you maximize earning potential, build safeguards, and avoid undue risk.


Like you, we recognize that people are the lifeblood of a successful business. They are your most steadfast brand advocate and a prime source for attracting new talent to your organization. When mergers, consolidations or downsizing affect your workforce, we will work with you to ensure positive outcomes for departing team members, workforce morale and organizational image. We are ready to help you meet your outplacement needs with integrity, transparency and compassion.

Executive Search

We know the challenges you face in finding leadership that gels with your organization; we know that it is people that make your business exceptional. Because we understand the obstacles and opportunities inherent in your industry and appreciate the nuances of your internal culture, we’re able to bring to the surface those candidates that meet your unique requirements and are well-equipped to lead the way.

Company Purchases

With our high success rate we remain the leader in placing businesses with skilled buyers. While working globally to satisfy the needs of all our clients we have been able to bring new opportunities through international business acquisitions.

Before you feel that you are losing control to the bankruptcy process talk to one of our professionals about some options that may be available to save your life’s work, and your pride.

Business Sale and Acquisition

Executive Search

Due Diligence Counseling

Financial Services

Formulate Exit Strategies

Business Turn Around

Customer-Related Services

Contract Negotiations