Mac and Company appoints Ryan Franklin as Managing Director, opens new office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bloomfield Hills, MI – December 4 2017 – In big news earlier today, Mac and Company announced the appointment of Ryan Franklin to the position of Managing Director. Ryan is a Philadelphia native who joins us with 9 years of experience in the Medical Field. With a financial background and team building experience, Ryan will be a major asset to our growth progress.

Mac and Company also announced plans to open an office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mac and Company is in the final stages of its new office and plans on being completely open for business on January 15th 2018. Further plans include the opening of a third office in Texas in the first quarter of 2018.


About Mac and Company

Established in 2000, Mac and Company represents individuals and companies in buying and selling businesses. Services include outplacement, executive search and business turnaround. Mac and Company works with the buyers or the sellers to customize a solution that is specifically tailored to meet his/her individual needs.  Our philosophy is to represent our clients to help manage risk, perform due diligence, negotiate contracts, formulate exit strategies and whatever else may be necessary for the transaction.  Mac and Company can also provide financial services before, during, and after the transaction is complete.  We are a full service strategic planning and advising company that wants to see our clients succeed in building and developing their own portfolios. To learn more about the company visit the Mac and Company website.


Mac & Company November Announcements

Mac & Company announced the appointment of Larry Carlson as Executive Vice President of Business Development.

Larry Carlson, who many consider a leader in the automotive industry, has joined forces with Mac & Company to enhance growth of the company.

Along with this, Larry Carlson and Joe Marzouq also announce the opening of Mac and Company’s Florida office.

Joe Marzouq, who is Vice President of Operations for Mac & Company, has started recruitment efforts for the Fort Lauderdale office.

Joe Marzouq and Larry Carlson have been quoted saying that “we will be fully operating by first quarter of 2017 at our Florida location.”

Joe Marzouq went on to say “this expansion will ensure that our global clients will not have to deal with Michigan’s changing seasons.”

Future plans include new offices in both Cleveland, Ohio and in Chicago, Illinois.